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Login with Facebook on WordPress

Last modified: January 13, 2020


One of the things that people really hate doing these days is creating a new account on each and every site they want to sign up to. For example eCommerce stores. You really don’t feel like creating a new account every time you want to buy something from a new store. One of the options all the big sites have been using in the past few years is a “Login with Facebook” option as well as a regular signup option.

What is a Login with Facebook WordPress Plugin?

A “Login with Facebook plugin” gives you the option to let your users login with their existing Facebook account instead of signing up to your site. The login process is a once click solution and once its up and running it will look something like this:

login with facebook

Steps to add Login with Facebook to WordPress

  1. Install the Nextend Facebook Connect plugin to your WordPress site. If you need help, read our post all about WordPress plugins.
  2. In order to use the Facbook login option, you need a Facebook app. If you already implemented Facebook comments, you should already have a Facebook app. If you’re new to Facebook apps – create one here.
    Within the plugin’s settings area (In the left navigation -> Settings -> Nextend Facebook Connect) you have an entire explanation about how to add a new app:
    FB Connect settings
  3. Add your APP ID and App secret in the first 2 fields.
    Now if you go to your WordPress login page (after logging out or browsing in incognito / different browser) you’ll see the login page just like in the image above.

Assuming everything was done correctly you should be able to sign up to your WordPress site using the Facebook login option.

If you want, there is a banner in the admin area that clicking on it with bring you to a Facebook login button creator. You can play around and customize the look of the button on your login page.

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