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10 Best WordPress Themes for a Cryptocurrency Blog Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020

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It is a small wonder that WordPress themes for a cryptocurrency blog are getting popular. Do you know any person who has Internet access and has never heard about cryptocurrency and its sudden boom? Neither do we. So, in case you buy and sell cryptocurrency, can teach NEWBs how to deal with this financial phenomenon, then this post might be of interest to you.

Who Can Take Advantage of Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes?

You should start a cryptocurrency blog if:

  • You tried selling and buying cryptocurrency yourself. The firsthand experience in cryptocurrency exchange is exactly what attracts thousands of prospective online visitors worldwide.
  • You need an additional income source. A cryptocurrency blog can quickly become a profitable business as more people feel the urge to learn basics about cryptocurrencies.
  • You want to build a cryptocurrency community quickly. The more you know about the blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange websites, and the lexicon of cryptocurrency, the more likely prospective visitors will turn into your loyal followers.
  • You want to start a blog and are looking for a niche with potential.

What Features to Look for in a Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme for Blogs?

If you are planning to find a WordPress theme for a cryptocurrency blog, pick the one that contains (one of) the following features:

  • The Drag-and-drop Website Builder, for instance, Elementor. The drag-and-drop functionality can save you lots of hours when launching your cryptocurrency blog. This functionality can be especially handy when accompanied by the Visual Editor that allows you to track all the changes you make to a website live.
  • Pre-populated pages. If you want to direct all your attention towards cryptocurrency, you do not need to waste your time on the latest trends in the web design, do you? That is why it makes sense to opt for a WordPress theme for a cryptocurrency blog that contains multiple pages, designed professionally and filled with the appropriate sample content.
  • The responsivity. The timing of cryptocurrency boom coincided with the growth of the mobiles. For you, it means that the target audience is more likely to get interested in your blog if the content you provide looks equally grabbing on a mobile, a tablet, and a desktop.
  • The long-term free 24/7 tech support. Needless to say, your cryptocurrency blog has to be online and easy to access at all times. The best way to ensure that your followers have the immediate access to your cryptocurrency project is to choose a WordPress theme with the professional tech support, available round-the-clock.

If you have doubts about whether such WordPress themes for cryptocurrency blog exist, check out the collection below!

Best WordPress Themes for a Cryptocurrency Blog

Investment Company WP Theme

Investment Company WP Theme

The combination of elegant blue, grey, and white colors make this WordPress theme looks fresh and clean. The easy-to-follow structure of this WordPress theme is crafted to facilitate the user experience to the fullest. The handy page builder and pre-made content modules give you endless possibilities for making your cryptocurrency blog both unique and user-friendly. Go to “Details” tab in the description to learn what features this WordPress theme has to offer. Spoiler Alert: There are many of them, including Calendar, Comments, Favicon, Google map, Google Web Fonts and others.

Digitalium - Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Digitalium - Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

As a WordPress for a marketing agency, Digitalium was created by the top web designers to represent an ambitious finance-related business. Beyond doubt, Digitalium has the power to attract the considerable attention to your cryptocurrency blog as well. Developed to enable the live customization, this WordPress theme contains the Visual Editor and the Elementor Page Builder. Both of these instruments are aimed at minimizing the time you should spend on personalizing Digitalium and tailoring it to the specific needs of your cryptocurrency blog.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way we think about money. Sure thing, there are many reasons to use this revolutionary international phenomenon as a blog topic. With a cryptocurrency blog, you can teach newcomers how to sell and buy cryptocurrency wisely, earn a living by sharing your experience, and find the like-minded.

The tricky part is, however, to pick a cryptocurrency WordPress theme for a blog that is both professional and elegant. Note that most people interested in the cryptocurrency-related content are digitally literate. No wonder they expect your cryptocurrency blog to be informative, modern, and fast. Hopefully, having read this post, you know what features to look for when choosing a cryptocurrency WordPress theme. So, why not give it a go?

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