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360 panorama view WordPress Plugins

12 360 Panorama View WordPress Plugins Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


WordPress plugins are an incredibly handy and helpful aspect of the WordPress world and all it has to offer. WordPress has plugins for almost anything you can possibly think of so you will be able to have more elements, tools and features on your site WordPress site instead of relying solely on whatever the WordPress theme you choose to work with has to offer. For example, if you have a blog but want to incorporate an eCommerce section you can get a WooCommerce plugin which will be able to help you manage your online shop with things like payment gateways, or if you want to translate your site you can add a WP plugin to help you do that as well, and the list of plugins goes on and on. This article is about WordPress plugins for creating 360 panoramas on you WP site. This will allow you to show images in an interesting manner and do things like create virtual tours. So let’s now talk about how using one of these 360 Panorama View WordPress Plugins can add an interesting element to your site.

360 Panorama View WordPress Plugins For Creating Engaging Images on Your Site

With these 360 Panorama View WordPress Plugins you will be able to have stunning and engaging elements on your images and you can let your imagination run wild. You can create an online shopping website and use one of these plugins to allow you users to see the product from all angles. You can also do things like create virtual tours of buildings and places, the options are only as limited as your imagination. So if creating a 360 panorama for your images sounds interesting let’s check out these plugins so you can see all of their different features back to back and make a decision about which one you should choose.


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PanoPress-Panoramic Plugin

PanoPress-Panoramic Plugin

Next up is the PanoPress WP 360 panoramic plugin. This is our first free plugin of our 360 Panorama View WordPress Plugins. This is a cross browser compatible plugin so it works well on desktop and mobile browsers such as: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others.

The PanoPress plugin can support inline embedding of various things such as: panoramas, preview images, and more than one panorama on a page. It is also responsive so no matter what kind of device anyone is using with this plugin, or how big the screen of the device is, PanoPress will always look great. This plugin can also be fully customized with CSS so you can customize PanoPress to match your WordPress website better.

Other Features of the PanoPress Are:

  • Supports all modern 360 panorama
  • Supports stitched image formats
  • Support Flash and HTML5 panoramas

iPanorama 360 Lite-Virtual Tour Builder WP Plugin

iPanorama 360 WordPress Virtual Tour Builder

Now I know you are thinking “didn’t we just talk about this plugin?” well the answer is kind of yes, the plugin we are discussing now is the free version of the iPanorama plugin we just discussed, iPanorama 360 Lite. This WordPress plugin will still let you create virtual tours for your WordPress site.

The iPanorama 360 lite can do things like support hotspots which will provide your users with info about any part of the scene. It also comes with a shortcode that will allow you to put a virtual tour on any post or page on your site. This builder is so easy to use that even people who may have some tech struggles should still be able to make their own virtual tour.

More Features of the iPanorama 360 Lite Are:

  • Preview images
  • Fullscreen toggle
  • Powerful tooltip system
  • Thumbnails that are vertical and horizontal

For more info on this 360 panorama plugin check out this video!

360 Product Rotation-View a Product from All Angles

360 Product Rotation-View a Product from All Angles

You can probably tell what our next plugin does just by reading its name. The 360 Product Rotation WordPress plugin will allow your users to rotate a product on your WP site. Since you would probably use this for an online shop, this plugin can of course work with WooCommerce which will give you all of the tools you will need to start and manage an eCommerce site. This plugin has a responsive design so it can work on any device from large desktops to tiny mobile phones. It works in 3 super simple steps all you have to do is: grab a product image, then upload the archive in the WP Admin» Media»360 Views, and then just copy and paste the shortcode into any page or post on your site. This plugin also has a few more features such as: zooming, hotspots and multiple levels.

Easy Panorama-Responsive Panorama Plugin

Easy Panorama-Responsive Panorama Plugin

And last but not least of our 360 Panorama View WordPress Plugins is the Easy Panorama plugin. You will be able to display your images in a more accessible way so you can either scroll your images on the X-axis or moving your mobile device. You have two options for how to embed your panoramic images, you can either use the shortcode of this plugin or use the Gutenberg Block.

There are even more settings you can use and access in the Advanced Settings page of this plugin. There is also enqueuing of Paver JavaScript and CSS files as well as customization of Paver appearance and behavior from the Panorama Setting page. This plugin is also responsive so it can work on any device no matter how big or small its screen size may be.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have thoroughly gone through your options for 360 Panorama View WordPress Plugins did you find one you like? Really it all comes down to what you want to use the plugin for? Just for fun? For product images? To show a landscape? Depending on what your needs are will decide which plugin you should choose.

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