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The Top 19 WordPress Sports Themes Compared - 2020

Last modified: January 13, 2020


Sport is one of the biggest industries in the world. In 2016, over $100 billion was spent on sport in the US. That’s $1 a day for every person in the US. A big part of the industry now is on the internet. There are countless sports related activities on the internet like watching games online, following specific news, or buying team merchandise. Each of these has a specific revenue stream to build profits, and it’s big business. If you’re in that industry, you need to use one of the best WordPress Sports themes to get noticed and generate revenue.

Why Should You Use One Of The Specific WordPress Sports Themes?

Like with other businesses and industries, you must ensure that your website is fit for purpose. That includes making sure your website matches the needs and expectations of visitors. If you have a site that doesn’t look the part, fans won’t be staying around for long.

This can be disastrous for your profit margins, not to mention your reputation online. You’ve worked hard to build a reputation, and you’re bound to be passionate about your sport. But it isn’t just about your emotional pull to the sport that matters. Your visitors are passionate too, and your site needs to feed off their excitement and emotions to get the most reward for your hard work.

Don’t let the wrong theme ruin your opportunities.

What Should You Look For In A WordPress Sports Theme?

There are many things you need when looking at WordPress Sports themes. The first is responsiveness. More traffic is coming from mobile devices than ever before and Google uses your site’s mobile readiness as a ranking factor. So you need a site that will display perfectly on whatever device they’re using.

Next, you need a theme that will offer functionality to your sports website. You might want to have a news section, events, fixtures, results, player profiles, videos and more to keep your visitors excited and staying on your website.

At the same time you need be able to customize your site. Colors should reflect the sport or team you’re representing. If you’re selling anything (from secret content to team merchandise) then you might also need to have e-commerce software embedded on your website.

Finally, you need to think about SEO. You might have dozens, or more, competitors who offer similar news, information and products as you. If you can’t get to the first page of Google, your traffic is going to be extremely low; if you can’t achieve a top ranking on Google, your revenue is going to suffer.

A sports theme doesn’t just have to cover a specific sport. It could relate to a fitness business like a personal trainer or gym. If you have either of these, the themes mentioned below might be the perfect option for you too.

To help you get started with your website, here is a list of the best WordPress Sports themes available on the market.

Filter between free and paid




Sporty is a full responsive, bare bones theme for anyone who wants to run their own sports blog or news site. While it can function for any club, there are limitations for this theme as it is free. One limitation for Sporty is the color choice you have. It is unlimited like some of the others on the list.

However, Sporty is compatible with most premium and free plugins, so you’ll have plenty of options to ensure your WordPress Sports website is fully functional.

Benefits of Sporty

• A responsive theme that will display your website well on any device.
• Well rated by current users.
• Free.

Final Thoughts

The sports industry is huge and if you have a passion for a sport, team or competition then you can have a slice of the revenues it generates. The issue is ensuring your website matches the expectations of your fellow sport enthusiasts. There are lots of options for WordPress Sports Themes, which one is best depends entirely on your needs.

Understand Your Needs Before Buying One Of The WordPress Sports Themes

Before you purchase one of the WordPress Sports Themes you will need to decide what you expect from the website. Do you want it to showcase highlights from games, sell merchandise, be an interactive community or perhaps just a static website with a list statistics?

You know your goals better than most, but you must consider them before buying a theme for your website. Be sure to also think about SEO. What is your competition’s search ranking like and how will your theme help you to rank better than others? Consider the speed of your website, the on page elements that impact user experience and finally the SEO optimization options available to you. Some of this won’t matter, you might have the skills to combat that. However, in some cases, these questions are important to ensure your next project is not just good, but also a game changing success.

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