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The 4 Best WordPress Membership Plugins – Compared - 2022

Last modified: January 3, 2021


Businesses and professional bloggers are using membership sites in innovative ways. Some use them to promote new ideas for their community to try out and promote. Many leverage them as part of their affiliate marketing programs, while dedicated forums and membership access to premium content are popular among professional services and for thought leadership missions. The key to a productive membership website experience is, of course, choosing the right plugin for your needs. Here is a look at the 4 best WordPress membership plugins to help you with the vetting process.

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Fourth on the list of the 4 best WordPress membership plugins is WP-Members, that restricts the specified WP content to registered site members. The free plugin restricts all posts by default, so it is up to you to tweak the default settings to set access privileges to pages or posts, and unblock unregistered people. WP-Members is a good entry point to a simple membership site.

Here are some pf WP-Members’ features:

  • Membership payments via PayPal
  • MailChimp integration
  • Custom menus for registered members
  • User registration, profile and login is integrated
  • Easy to use
  • A number of additional user-requested fields to extend the settings page.


Make a list of the priority features you must absolutely have, and assess each of these WordPress membership plugins in detail to park your money and trust in the right solution. Creating a membership is usually a lot of work but thanks to these featured plugins, it turns the whole process into a breeze.

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