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Make Money Online with SEMrush

Last modified: January 13, 2020


The “new world” has us all re-thinking the same old way we do things and reinventing them in a newer and more efficient way. The way we pay for groceries, the way we do shopping, the way we transport and most importantly, the way we work.

Since we all coexist in a global world now, there is no reason to not re explore our methods of making cash. There are millions of people that work from the comfort of their home using nothing but a laptop, instead of being in traffic for 3 hours every day. One of the methods that made this possible is – affiliate marketing.

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Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of earning money from both sides. Companies & marketers. Companies have realized the power that affiliate marketing holds is massive (Think about hiring 5,000 marketing professionals – what would happen to your business?). The profit can also be massive from the other side – as an affiliate. There are literally no boundaries to the amount of money you can make and to the amount of companies you can promote and make money from.

How it's Done

It’s pretty simple, here are the steps for becoming an affiliate and making money from home:

  1. Signup for an affiliate program
  2. Get a unique link to promote the company you decided to become an affiliate of
  3. Spread your link wherever you can
  4. Once someone clicks on your link and purchases a product – you make money

Make Money Online With BeRush

One of our favorite affiliate programs here at Scan WP is the BeRush program which is the official affiliate program of SEMrush. All you have to do in order to make money from BeRush is to create a blog with some great content in a relevant niche (web building, online marketing, PPC, etc.) and you are good to go.

How to Become a BeRush Affiliate?

All you have to do is go to: BeRush and sign up.

The next part is all up to you. You need to create a blog (or many other online marketing methods) and spread the word. Use the promo material the BeRush provides for you, use your links and add them to your posts, social media etc.

How Much Money Can I Make on BeRush?

The amount of money you can make really all depends on how much relevant traffic you can generate. BeRush has one of the best affiliate terms.

  1. 40% commission for life – if you can get someone to signup for a $200 a month subscription for example, you will be making $80 a month for life from this one user.
  2. First cookie attribution – if a user clicked on your affiliate link first, whenever he comes back – his purchase will be attributed to you
  3. 2 commission payments a month via PayPal – super easy!
  4. Minimum threshold of $50
  5. Most importantly – amazing affiliate managers that will help you with anything you need!
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