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Hostgator has been around ever since I can remember. Hostgator is most definitely one of the top hosting companies and no doubt, one of the most known hosts out there. Just like all of the other web hosts, Hostgator has a few hosting plans that can accommodate all types of potential “hosters”. I have personally been hosting websites on hostgator for the past 7 years straight. I signed up for the cheapest hosting plan they have many years ago when I was getting heavily into affiliate marketing. Over the years I’ve hosted about 15 websites on that hosting plan with no issues what so ever. So, on the one hand you might say that this Hostgator review is biased, on the other hand – if I’ve been hosting there for so long there must be a good reason – right?

Hostgator Support

Throughout the years there have been very few times where I needed assistance, though their support was great when I actually needed it. Hostgator has an online chat option, a toll-free number and a ticketing system, so no matter what you rather, they’ve got your back.

So, after that introduction, lets get down to the details and see what types of hosting options do Hostgator offer and give our review.

Shared Rating

Just like many other very good hosting companies, Hostgator starts off its hosting plan options with shared hosting which is no doubt the most popular hosting plan, especially among WordPress users.

Hostgator’s shared plan has 3 different options.

Hatchling Plan

This option gives you the ability to host only 1 domain, so if you are planning on hosting more than 1 site at a time on Hostgator, this is not for you. Though, if you are planning on hosting only 1 website, this is a great deal.

This shared hosting option gives you 1 click WordPress install, so you don’t have to deal with the whole installation part.

Baby Plan

Gives you unlimited domain hosting space, say you have 20 websites? No problem, you can host them on this plan. Just note that they are all on the same IP and obviously on the same cpanel.

Business Plan

This plan has 2 differences than the one above. Here you get private SSL and a private IP. At the moment of writing this Hostgator review, this plan and the above are the same price, so I think you know which I would recommend…

The second perk here is a free Voip phone service. This could really come in handy to some of you.

Tech Talk

Here are some technical specifications about Hostgator’s servers. All shared hosting plans come with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited sub domains,  FTP accounts and email accounts.

I really great feature (which is not technical at all) is a 45 day money back guarantee.

If by any chance you are not planning on building a website with WordPress, you can use Hostgator’s built-in website builder on their panel which has over 100 free templates you can use.

If you have an existing site you want to transfer – Hostgator offers a migration service, free of charge.

All plans come with Cpanel built-in with all that comes with that.

Hostgator Shared Hosting Features

  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free migration from old web host
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Site backup and restore
  • Unlimited sub domains and FTP accounts

Hostgator Shared Hosting Highlights

Email, FTP & sub domain Accounts
Money-Back Guarantee
45 days
MySQL Databases
Other Features

Hostgator Shared Hosting Prices

Hatchling Plan
Baby Plan
Business Plan


Hostgator’s shared plan has lots of options and it offers plenty of preks to make it worth your while. As a long-time Hostgator user, I can tell you first hand that their shared hosting options are just fine for most WordPress sites.


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Wordpress Rating

If you are on this site, I’m assuming you own or operate at least 1 WordPress website. As such, Hostgator offers you, and all WordPress website owners a dedicated WordPress hosting plan on cloud hosting. This plan is dedicated into making your WordPress website super fast (2.5x according to them).

Alongside the super fast websites, Hostgator created specific WordPress sites’ security which is a huge plus in my book.

Here are the 3 WordPress Hosting options:

Starter Plan

This plan is good for 1 website, 100k visitors per month and 1GB for website backup.

Standard Plan

This plan is good for 2 websites, 200k visitors per month and 2GB in backups.

Business Plan

The business plan is good for 3 websites total, 500k visits per month and 5GB in backups.

The only negative thing I would say here is, it’s a shame that there isn’t a plan that enables you to host unlimited websites. Lots of you out there plan on hosting all their clients’ websites and this plan can’t accommodate you.


Hostgator Wordpress Hosting Features

  • Supercharged Speed
  • Advanced Security
  • Cloud technology
  • Great prices
  • Free Migration

Hostgator Wordpress Hosting Highlights

1-5 GB
Hosted Websites
Visits Per Month
Other Features

Hostgator Wordpress Hosting Prices

Starter Plan
Standard Plan
Business Plan


There are tons of upsides to hosting on Hostgator’s WordPress Could Hosting. The environment is built especially for WordPress, it’s on cloud, it has specific WordPress security, you don’t even need to use a CDN or a caching plugin, they do all that for you. However, as online marketers / website builders or anyone in the digital arena, we want to host all our clients’ websites on our own plan. This option gives you 3 max websites which is not even near anything that a normal sized company can use.

This Hostgator review’s rating was lowered a bit do to that fact.

With that said,  there are plenty of other great options for us marketers out there, they’re just not WordPress specific like this plan which in my opinion is a great option.


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Reseller Rating

Reseller hosting is a great plan if you aim to get your own clients to pay you money for hosting. You don’t have to “pretend” to be a hosting company in order to use this plan or to get customers.

This plan would be a great option for the following types of people / companies:

  • Website builders
  • SEO company
  • Digital marketers
  • etc.

If you are any of the above, the reseller plan is a great option. All you have to do is sell your clients a hosting plan and charge as much as you want. Each client will get their own cPanel, FTP etc. as if they had nothing to do with the other clients within your plan.

You can also “turn yourself into an actual hosting company”. If you are able to get the clients’ you are good to go. Sign them up, charge them a monthly fee and that’s about it.

The reseller program has 3 options:


This plan offers 60GB disk space, 600GB bandwidth and unlimited domains.


Copper offers 90GB disk space, 900GB bandwidth and unlimited domains.


The silver plan offers 140GB disk space, 1400GB bandwidth and unlimited domains.

As you can see, all 3 options give you the ability to add as many domains as you want, just as long as you stay within the disk space and bandwidth.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Features

  • Charge money and host your own clients!
  • Great business opportunity
  • Scalability – you can scale up once your clients reach the hosting plan limit
  • Unmetered Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases and FTP Accounts
  • WHM control panel to manage your clients’ plans
  • Free WHMCS Client Management / Billing software in order to help you manage your clients’ billing
  • Name servers point to your domain and not Hostgator’s

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Highlights

Billing software
Control Panel
Money Back Guarantee
45 Days
Other Features

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Prices


As an internet marketer and a web developer with several clients, a reseller plan is right down my alley. I can create each of my clients’ websites on their own plan, I can charge them whatever I want and best of all, I control their account.

WHM Control Panel

If you don’t know what WHM is, you really should because it helps you out a lot (and is actually mandatory) when managing clients’ hosting.

It helps you monitor the overall server status, you can use it to limit hosting packages in your reseller program, see how much disk space is left and how much each client is using, how much bandwidth is being used, email management, databases and much more.

The really cool feature that I personally like, is the ability to brand your client’s cpanel with your logo instead of hostgator’s, that way you look much more professional.

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VPS Rating

Hostgator’s VPS (virtual private server) is a great choice if you need more speed on your site that you aren’t getting now. For example, if you have a WooCommerce website and you use a lot of variations, that could potentially slow your site down. Putting your site on a VPS could potentially give you much better speed. Another reason you might choose to go the VPS route is if you have some configuration you need to do and can’t do it on shared hosting.

With a VPS plan you get full root access, meaning there are a lot of configurations you can play around with that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

There are 3 VPS plans for you to choose from:

Snappy 2000

Here you get 2GB RAM, 2 cores of CPU, 120 GB disk space and 1.5 TB TB bandwidth.

Snappy 4000

Here you get 4GB RAM, 2 cores of CPU, 165 GB disk space and 2 TB TB bandwidth.

Snappy 8000

Here you get 8GB RAM, 4 cores of CPU, 240 GB disk space and 3 TB TB bandwidth.


Hostgator VPS Hosting Features

  • Full root access for full customization and configuration
  • Similar to a dedicated server only without the actual need to handle one
  • Maximum data protection
  • Fully scalable, if you need to expand it’s really simple
  • Up to 90 migrations of cPanel to cPanel – free

Hostgator VPS Hosting Highlights

IP Addresses
CPU Cores
Other Features

Hostgator VPS Hosting Prices

Snappy 2000
Snappy 4000
Snappy 8000

This program could be a bit similar to the reseller program. The difference is that here you have full root access and are dealing with an actual VPS. Here you don’t get the WHCMS like in the reseller option since the VPS is meant for managing hosting clients, however, you have a WHM so it’s completely possible.

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