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A2 Hosting is a cut above the rest. With a solid history beginning in the year 2003, they have had more than enough time to learn the ropes. Over the last 15 years, many things have changed on the internet, and A2 Hosting has changed right along with them.  This dedication to service has made them one of the top webhosting companies available today. They have accomplished this by focusing on the best hardware, security settings, and well-known software. A variety of hosting options are supported by A2 Hosting. These include shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. Reseller hosting is also available for those who want to give the hosting business a try. This is part of what sets A2 Hosting apart from the rest. The most acclaimed part of their hosting abilities, however, is their speed.

A good web hosting company should have the goal of making sure your website is running at optimal speed. This is not just a convenience, however. The practice of proper SEO mandates that speeds make a difference in the traffic of individual websites. E-commerce sites, especially, benefit when customers can get what they need and process a transaction quickly. A2 Hosting has enjoyed several awards related to their top performance over the years. These include recognition for best, fastest, and verified webhosting. You can expect to have unlimited disk space and bandwidth with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also, with around the clock customer support you are never left to figure things out on your own. Let their experience benefit the continued success of your website. Take a look at some of the individual features of the plans offered by A2 Hosting.

Shared Rating

You can’t go wrong with dependable shared hosting at an affordable price. The current pricing is $3.92 USD per month at its lowest, and goes up to $9.31 per month for the Turbo plan. This is down from the previous $7.99, giving you a great service at a bargain price. Shared hosting is best for personal sites or blogs, and is a great starting point for those who are trying their hand at an e-commerce site. You can save money while growing your business and preparing for a higher traffic website. Shared hosting from A2 Hosting helps you prepare and run your site on either WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla with ease.

Shared hosting is easily the most used format in the industry. With the influx of blogs and personal sites, A2 Hosting has had plenty of opportunities to practice their skills. This is one of the easiest to use plans available, perfect for a variety of new sites. Your guests won’t be left waiting for your site to load when you choose shared hosting. The use of turbo servers can bring your speeds up to 20X faster than other web hosting providers. Supply the best site to your guests, and take the guesswork out of leading traffic to your site, A2 Hosting has it covered.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Features

  • Unlimited Storage – There is no need to be concerned about running out of space. Go ahead and add as much content and as many photos as you wish.
  • One website – Unlimited websites– Choose the plan that offers exactly what you need to succeed. Beginner bloggers may want to get their feet wet first with only one website, while more experience business owners may need more.
  •  Unlimited Transfer – Traffic is not monitored nor charged for. Your site is free to be as busy as you can get it.
  •  cPanel Control Panel– Ease into your hosting experience with the easiest control web hosting control panel in existence. This Linux based program is complete with automation tools and graphical interface.
  •  5 Databases to Unlimited Databases – Our turbo plan offers unlimited databases, while you still have plenty to choose from with 5 databases on the lite plan.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Highlights

Unlimited (!!!)
Money-Back Guarantee
Anytime (!!!)
Other Features

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Prices


Shared hosting isn’t just for beginners. Experienced users can also benefit from a fully managed site. You can expect your site to be up and running 99.9% of the time. The A2 Hosting shared hosting services are available for both Linux and Windows, in keeping with their goal of being versatile. Support is available 24/7 to make sure your site is always at its best. A money back guarantee should help you make the final decision to give A2 Hosting a try.

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VPS Rating

Virtual private server hosting is a great way to expand your abilities when your website starts to grow. This option is compatible with both Linux and Windows, and is the perfect middle ground between basic web hosting and dedicated servers. The price is completely manageable at anywhere from $5.00 a month to $32.99 per month. You can choose to have your site completely managed, or spend more time handling things your own way with an unmanaged VPS. Developers and administrators may only need the bare minimum setup so that they can continue with their own design and maintenance.

VPS hosting is a step in the right directions when your website starts growing. If you have increased merchandise totals, or more readers. It is probably time to move up to VPS. There are still some great options to help keep the price low, however. You don’t have to choose a plan that is all-inclusive. The basic plan has the option for some add-ons only if you need them. This makes the VPS hosting choice the most versatile of all the plans. This versatility coupled with some quality perks, makes VPS an even more attractive choice. Take advantage of analytics and high speed capabilities at any level. The 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support also continue with this choice.

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Features

  • Root Access on Some Plans – Make your users happy with the root access option. You can choose a plan without it if you feel it is not necessary, however, many Android users may become your best customers if you follow through with adding this option.
  • cPanel Add-on –You can choose to go with the cPanel control panel for ease of navigation and management. The higher priced packages include this option with no extra charge. Feel free to add it to the other plans for ease of organization and peace of mind.
  • 20-70 GB Storage – If you are ready for VPS, you may very well be expanding the data on your site. This is no problem for A2 Hosting. Choose the storage plan that fits with your unique pattern of growth. Different types of e-commerce sites rely on large amounts of storage. Take into account the nature of your site before you decide on a storage option.
  • 512 MB RAM- 4GB RAM– You can also choose how much memory is available to you in the way of RAM. This may depend a lot on the traffic of your site and any given time throughout the day. The busier your site becomes, the more RAM you may need. It is best to aim high if your site is on a positive growth curve.
  • One Core to 4vCPU’s – While you are sharing space with others on a VPS, you can still gain ample space for everything you need. You can choose from the basic one core to 4vCPU’s. This is another decision that may benefit from you looking ahead to see what may be needed in the future.
  • SSD Option or Free SSL & SSD – Make sure your upload speed is at its highest with SSL & SSD options. This also gives your visitors a better experience and increases your traffic marketing. Google takes into account speed when moving sites to the top of the search results. Security is also optimal with these features.

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Highlights

Super Fast SSD
Money Back Guarantee
Other Features

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Prices


If your site is growing and you feel like you need more flexibility for your site, it’s probably time to scale up towards VPS hosting.

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Dedicated Rating

Dedicated hosting plans are for the serious site owners that are already bringing in a decent revenue. These quality packages run from $9.31 per month to $141.09 per month. This is a necessary expense for sites that are your main livelihood. These prices include everything you need to keep your online presence current and fast. You can feel secure with one of the managed plans made for those who want the entirety of their site taken care of so that no worries befall them.

Even with a managed server you are given access to cPanel to handle business on your site, without the worry of complicated methods. You can take care of your business and move one without having to linger trying to figure out a complicated control panel.  Enjoy a few of these options with the dedicated server plans. You should be proud to be at point that dedicated hosting is necessary. A2 Hosting makes sure that the experience is as easy as possible. As with all of the plans you are promised 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Features

  • Root Access Option or Inclusion – Engage your Android users with root access. The lower level options have the choice to add it on. The higher priced packages already have root access included
  • Unlimited Transfer– Encourage as much traffic as you want with no limit on transfer. Take your site to new limits without restrictions.
  • 2 GB RAM- 8 GB RAM– This availability speaks for itself. The more memory you have the easier it is to run a busy site. Business sites, especially can benefit from this availability. Blogs with constant interaction of users may also be better due to the excellent RAM capabilities.
  • Up to 2 Cores- Without having to share any of your space on a dedicated server, 2 cores is more than enough space to get you moving on a daily basis. Take a look at your site to see if you need 2 cores or less when choosing your optimal plan.
  • Free cPanel – These packages wouldn’t be worthy of the A2 Hosting name if they didn’t offer the easiest control panel around. Take the time to enjoy your site instead of stressing out over how to control it. Everything you need is at your fingertips with cPanel.
  • Unlimited Storage –There isn’t much more to be said about this feature. Unlimited is always best. You shouldn’t have to worry about storage when you are building your website or expanding it. You goal is to grow and bring in revenue, and a good webhosting company should comply by giving you the storage you need at no extra cost. This is exactly what A2 Hosting does.
  • Free SSL– Your security and that of your users is extremely important. The information between a web server and browser is encrypted to keep your information safe. The more security you have the longer lasting your site can be. Consumers are less likely to purchase or visit if they feel there is a risk concerning their information.
  • Up to 2×500 GB Storage – The storage options just keep getting better as the packages are more specified for dedicated server clients. The goal of a dedicated server is to keep your site running at optimal speed, all the time, with minimal limits. Storage is a limit that A2 Hosting aims to eliminate.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Highlights

Other Features

A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Prices

Shared - Turbo

A2 Hosting offers a myriad of services to fit a variety of websites.

Everyone from bloggers to e-commerce entrepreneurs can benefit from a package from this company. There seems to be no limit to the features they offer, and even the highest priced dedicated server packages are affordable in comparison to the competitors. The speed, security, and storage are unparalleled and are sure to keep your site running at its best.

A2 Hosting is best known for its speed, winning the attention of several well-known review companies. They are top rated at what they do and have striven to be the best for over a decade. Their years of experience speak volumes when it comes to explaining why they are the best. Some things are best learned and improved over time. The term “practice makes perfect” is the only way to describe this. There are plenty of options to choose from at all levels. Those that choose shared webhosting should be as satisfied as those that go with a VPS or dedicated server. It is all about finding the right combination for your unique site. A2 Hosting helps you find what fits your situation and aims to make it run the best it can.


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