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WordPress Theme Detector (Including Plugin detection)

Want to know what wordpress theme a site is using? Did you see a nice website and want to know how it was built? Just enter the site URL and our Wordpress theme detector will do the rest.


What Wordpress Theme is this?! - Scan WP

Have you ever seen a wordpress site and said "I have to have this!"? Well, this site is exactly for you! Scan WP is an innovative Wordpress theme detector, meaning we can detect almost any plugin being used on a Wordpress site along with the theme being used. All you need to do is enter a URL of a site built with Wordpress and we will do the rest. We will give you all the information you can possibly need about the site.

We will give you:

Building Websites with Wordpress

Most people these days don't just come up with a concept for a website and the entire design on themselves. Even professional designers and developers get their ideas from other sites they see on a daily basis. Most people who build Wordpress websites these days are not professional developers nor are they professional designers, they are just ordinary Joes like you and me.

The Era of Wordpress themes and Plugins

Not only do most people copy each other's ideas, but most Wordpress websites these days are not custom made, they are Wordpress themes that anyone could download either for free or for pretty cheap.

Extra Functunality

Most additional functionality you see on websites is either coming directly from the theme or as an addition from a Wordpress plugin.

WP Theme Detector is the New Designer

I remember the days when people tried to build websites and had no idea how to do it. Simple sites filled with text and images were an impossible task for most. Some of these people ended up signing up to some low quality website builder which gave them a horrible looking site. Thankfully those days are over now that we have a WPthemeDetector.

What Theme is this? What Plugin is that?

Nowadays we all look at a website built with Wordpress and assuming we like it, we ask ourselves "What Wordpress Theme is That?" and luckily we can actually know that answer at a click of a button. Knowing what WP theme is being used on a given site and what Wordpress plugins are being used on that site are pretty much all you need to know in order to build a site like that yourself.

Using a Wordpress theme Detector

Taking that in mind, most Wordpress sites out there can be duplicated pretty easily. All you need to do is know which template is being used on a site you like, which plugins are being used for extra functionality and design and you can build the exact same site. If only there was a tool for that...

Wait... There is!!!

Just use our Scan WP theme detector and figure all that out and much more! Now go build yourself a killer site!

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