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Now, not only can you use our site in order to detect Wordpress themes and plugins, but we give you 3 more very interesting options:
  1. Our very own Chrome extension - Instead of coming to the site every time you need to detect a theme or a plugin, just download our extension to your Chrome browser. Each time you want to scan a theme, just press the special Scan WP button that you have on your browser and get the results of any Wordpress site. Download here
  2. Scan WP theme and plugin detector - Wordpress plugin - If you are a site owner and want your users to be able to use your site in ordrer to detect themes and plugins just like ours, just download our special plugin and implement in on any Wordpress site. Download here
  3. Scan WP theme and plugin detector - Admin version - Instead of using this site or the Chrome extension option, just add a special admin page detector and search from within your admin area for your desired themes and plugins. Download here
For more information contact us at: info [at]
available on Chrome

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