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The Top 12 Addons For Elementor Pro

Last modified: March 18, 2020


Elementor Pro is already one of the best page builders you can have for your WordPress website. It has lots of great features that can make your website one of the best in your industry. Its easy-to-use interface and functionality allows you to have a website that has many functions that would otherwise need to have several plugins.

As a result, you can expect to have lower costs of managing your website and better performance. However, while the page builder is an excellent solution, there are still addons for Elementor Pro.

Why Have Addons For Elementor Pro?

There are numerous reasons why it is necessary to have addons for Elementor Pro. For one, while it has lots of functions, the main plugin doesn’t have everything. There might be some functions you’re missing. Some of these might be functions not traditionally associated with a page builder. However, by having the addon supplied by the team behind Elementor, you can reduce the chances of conflict.

Another thing is that not all functions are considered necessary for building a business. For instance, not every business should have live chat. By not including these functions within the main software, those who don’t need it aren’t burdened with unnecessary code. And this helps keep stores keep loading times low.

So, what are the top 12 addons for Elementor Pro? Here is our selection.

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Flexible Elementor Panel – Organize All Those New Widgets!

Flexible Elementor Panel – Organize All Those New Widgets!

If you’re going to be adding things to Elementor, you’re going to need a way to organize all the new widgets, elements and templates you have. That’s why the Flexible Elementor Panel is one of the most important, and must-have, addons for Elementor Pro. The good news is that the plugin is free and there are no premium options.

This addon doesn’t actually change anything for Elementor, so don’t expect any new functions to be added. However, it gives you the ability to manipulate the Elementor panel, this is the area of the screen that contains all the widgets, elements, settings and templates.

With this plugin you can resize the pannel, collapse it, drag it to a more convenient location, change the skin color and sort the categories of the widgets. This allows you to make that busy Elementor panel, with loads of options, much easier to manage.

Flexible Elementor Panel Highlights:

  • A free plugin to help you organize the elements of Elementor.
  • Manipulate the Elementor window to make website building easier.
  • Hide design options that aren’t suitable for your build.
  • Lightweight plugin, so doesn’t slowdown your website.

Anywhere Elementor – Use Elementor…Anywhere

Anywhere Elementor – Use Elementor…Anywhere

This plugin is a free addon for Elementor and allows you to do many of the things that Pro lets you to do, for a much cheaper price. However, if does also allow you to do some things that Elementor Pro doesn’t allow.

For one it supports Pods and ACF relationship fields. This allows you to display post collections. This can be important if you are heavy into your blogging and use that as a way to draw in audiences and get them to continue to read content on your site.
It can also allow you to dynamically set the background of a section. This is based on ACF custom fields.

There are two concerns here. Number one, if you are running Elementor Pro, there might be conflict issues. Secondly, because it isn’t developed by the Elementor team, the coding could be a little more bulky as the plugin has to integrate with the Elementor base code. Therefore, if you’re only looking for Elementor Pro features, it might be more worthwhile to get that.
However, if those two additional benefits interest you, you might want to consider this addon for Elementor.

Anywhere Elementor Highlights:

  • A free addon that gives you many of the benefits of the Elementor Pro option.
  • Adds two new functions that Elementor Pro does not.
  • Lets you take your website to the next level.
  • High ratings from users on

Envato Elements Plugin

Envato Elements Plugin

Envato Elements allows subscribers to Envato to import photos directly into their website that are royalty free. These can be used for commercial purposes and can really add a shine to your website. The plugin itself is free, but you will need to have a subscription to use the images. There are new images added every week.

In addition to the images, there are also new premium templates available for Elementor. Allowing you to create the best website for your brand faster than ever.

Envato Elements Plugin Highlights:

  • Free plugin, but you need a subscription.
  • Royalty free images are added every week that can be used with commercial projects.
  • Loads of quality created templates for Elementor.
  • Easy to install and use.

Final Word: The Top 12 Addons For Elementor Pro

If you’re using Elementor Pro on your website, then you are already in good hands. However, you can extend the functionality of your page builder with these 12 addons for Elementor Pro. Each one can help you create a site that is fully immersive and will help you convert customers and rank higher on Google. So which addons will you use? Let us know in the comments.

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